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Immigration Law

The Day Law Firm understands and welcomes diversity. A number of our staff members have dealt with immigration issues first hand, and so we can offer an empathetic view to the issues you may face with immigration law.

At the Day Law Firm, our mission is to guide you through the immigration process and do everything in our power to help you become an American citizen or resident. Many changes are coming about in immigration law. The Day Law Firm wants to help you understand and take advantage of these changes.

We can help in any of the following areas:

  • Citizenship Application
  • DACA Application and Renewal
  • Family Petition
  • FBI Background Check
  • Immigration/Alien Employment Certification
  • Residency (card renewal/replacement)
  • Temporary Protective Status Application
  • Visa Application (including U-Visa)
  • Visitor/Tourist Legal Services

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